How I can know if the images of the girls are real?

For we conduct a preliminary study of the images of the girls and their data to provide maximum security. We have an online comparison tool that allows us to prove the veracity of the images. In addition, photographs of the featured girls are made by us.

The girls are professionals?

Most of them do not. They are girls who study, work in other activities such as hostesses or models or have taken time to work Escort. is a private agency?

Not at all. We are dedicated to selecting the most attractive escorts and to accredit their pictures and information. The phone is in each record is the personal phone them.

Advertise here or contact a girl is legal?

Of course. In Switzerland, escort work is legal as long as is exercised freely and without coercion. Therefore, we ensure that the information and images that facilitate the girls are real. Just select independent girls who meet the legal requirements established by the Penal Code (Article 195 C.P of prostitution as an independent person) and inmmigración laws that force to have a work permit and cantonal regulations.

If one day I'm close ... I can come whenever you want?

We all serve by appointment but do not know whom to choose, need to book, and always tell your arrival. Courtesy and a gentleman would behave.

How do we like the girls men?

We love the camaraderie, friendly, polite men who make us laugh and feel we’re on a date … Age who cares?

And what do I do if I have not had a good day and if I'm really nervous?

Breathe easy !! Listen slowly when you talk on the phone … Here everything will be fine, all these little things that concern you quickly forget the day. We love to make you feel good, you will laugh and enjoy as you wait for spontaneous, naturally … let go. Your day begins and ends with us happier than once !!

What attitude expects escort me?

An escort expect a free sexual attitude but always both enjoy and whenever ask before starting to do any little thing.
Communication is key, each of us are different. Getting respect and making the other person you trust is always easier to get a yes and the two have a great time.

I can put a price on happiness?

Happiness has its own name. If you call us, we can tell you clearly and concisely all the doubts that may arise about the form, but please, not trying to negotiate desvirtúes our meeting when we know … Forget it, we’re not at work. We are your whim so … Pamper yourself !!

Are ye that which I am looking at your site?

The pics are always up to date … If there is a significant change in our look … Sure it’s for the better !! So they will not hesitate new photos for you to see how beautiful we are. We’ll let you see those little things that freely decide which are not binding.

Can I be the day that I feel like at any time?

We have a shorter time … well rested and enjoyed our free time to be always offering best of us and give you a beautiful smile.

What if I have many more questions?

Call us, write us … are you waiting for? We’re here for and for you…

How much is the sky?

Every girl sets its own prices. Generally, prices are as follows:

Fun, shooting, morbid, full of passion and very productive meetings 20min -> 150 CHF

Meetings relaxed, unhurried, enjoying intensely 30min -> 200 CHF

But continue to enjoy more time to focus on small details. 60min -> 300 CHF